Abaco Wild Horse Videos Index

Abaco Wild Horses (08.09) A history of the horses. 11 minues, 6.8 mg

Nunki Downhill. (09.08) Mare Nunki negotiates a steep hill. Listen for her sigh at the end. 385 kb.

Acamar and Alnitak Browse (09.08) Alnitak browses some grass on an old logging road. Her daughter Acamar comes up and decides to do the same thing. 1.1 mg.

Eating Palms (09.08) Mimosa enjoys some cabbage palm leaves. Blossoms are also eaten, along with dried fronds and fire toasted fronds.The dogs barking are in a pen and the horses simply ignore them. 1.1 mg

Dubhe Eats a Banana Leaf: and does it with with great relish. 1.5 megs,

Adhara Eats 'Spaghetti': Adhara tears ‘spaghetti’ from a downed banana tree, 1.4 megs.

"Nunki Get Up!": Dubhe kicks a sleeping Nunki to wake her up. Look carefully and behind Dubhe you will see Acamar biting Nunki’s ears to help get her going. 1.2 megs

Hadar Rolls: Hadar has a good roll and shake, 1 meg.

Altair Gallops: Short but you get a glimpse of his beauty, 488k.

Mimosa vs. Hadar: Blurry, off in the distance, but a brief glimpse of Mimosa prancing away from a confrontation with Hadar, 508 k.

Achernar and Vega Spar: Quite a bit of action, 980k

Mimosa and Vega Spar: Rough, but some flying manes and a run, 696k

Mimosa and Vega Fight; Like a moving pastel painting, 1.1 megs.

Regulus Defends: Regulus moves his mare Deneb away and graacefully leaves a potential confrontation. 700 k.

Regulus Stretches: Choppy, he caught me off guard, but he does a good stretch. 940k

Bella Wake Up!: Watch closely, see what Adhara does to get her lazy filly up. 1.6. megs

Bella Spins: She's a little disoriented! 544 k.

Bella Stretches: Cute and gentle. 680 k.

Adhara and Bella Groom: Bella catches on fast, 576 k

Nunki and Dubhe Groom: How to reach that ticklish spot. 796 k.

Beanfest!: Sirius and friends eat leaves from pigeon pea trees. Must be good, look at
the shining coats. 2.9 megs

Nunki Scratches: How does she maintain her dignity? 1.5 megs.